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Whether you’re looking for your first home, your tenth home, a weekend retreat or a rental property, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re planning to take out a loan, start with the mortgage calculator to see how much house you can afford. Our advanced search capabilities can then help you narrow down a list of residential properties that meet your needs or our agents can do the legwork for you based on your key criteria. If you’re seeking commercial property, that’s a slightly different process, so give us a call at 512.419.7770 and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Are you wondering, “Why do I need a real estate agent if I can search on my own and find my ideal property online?” We’re so glad you asked! Finding your dream property is only step one. You can read more about the entire buying process – from search to close – in Six Steps to Buying.
Our commitment is to be your advocate through every step of the process. Here are all the things Carvajal Group can help you with:

  • Determining your key criteria
  • Narrowing down your list of ideal properties
  • Referrals for loan pre-approval
  • Scheduling showings
  • Providing our opinions (only when requested, of course) on the advantages and deficiencies of your short-list
  • Investment guidance
  • Offer recommendations
  • Completing the offer paperwork
  • Negotiating terms with the seller/seller’s agent
  • Ordering inspections and reviewing the results with you
  • Gathering all of the relevant documentation on the property
  • Verifying that surveys and appraisals have been completed
  • Reviewing closing documentation
  • Referring you to any trusted service providers you may need, such as movers and house contractors
  • Supplying the requisite bottle of wine or another beverage of choice to celebrate your close!
  • And finally, unpacking all of your boxes (not really, but that’s pretty much the only step we don’t handle in the process!)

Expertise, service, integrity and passion, call Carvajal Group today at 512.419.7770 and let us exceed your expectations.