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When you’re ready to sell your home, investment or commercial property, look no further than Carvajal Group to earn you more money in less time.
There are many steps in the selling process, see Six Steps to Selling for more details, but none is more important than choosing the right real estate agency. Especially in the current buyer’s market. From helping you choose your listing price, to determining the best marketing plan, to effectively executing on that plan and closing the sale, Carvajal Group will be with you through the entire process.
We’re committed to working with you to map out the best marketing strategy based on your key objectives. Here’s what we’ll help you with:
Setting your goals, timeframe, price, profit margin, etc.
Recommending steps to prepare your home for sale
Creating a Competitive Market Analysis to provide you with an unbiased price recommendation
Drawing up your listing details
Creating a marketing plan which could include a combination of the following: MLS listing, Internet listings, Yard Signs, Open Houses, Media Advertising, Agent-to-Agent Referrals and/or Direct Mail Campaigns
Executing on the marketing plan
Making necessary changes based on marketing conditions
Following up on all leads
Screening offers for pre-approval and other
Negotiating terms with the buyer/buyer’s agent
Verifying that surveys and appraisals have been completed
Reviewing closing documentation
Supplying the requisite bottle of wine or another beverage of choice to celebrate your close!
Sorry, the packing is up to you…